The vison for New Christian Training Centres began with the desire to equip any Christian with proven leadership or management skills to teach new Christians how to leave there old lifestyle, be set free from past demonic issues and begin to live a life transformed by the power of the Holy Spirit and God’s Word.

My concern is this, if new believers aren’t shown or taught how to live an alternative lifestyle they will fall back into their old ways or at best become a flaky Christian who never reaches the full potential God has for them.

As a new Christian coming from a non-church background with no biblical understanding I found it very difficult to find new Christian discipleship materials that were easy to understand, or not full of “Christianise” and “churchy” language that is difficult to understand for a new believer.

Now don’t get me wrong, new believers need to be taught a new way of living by reading the Bible and discovering how God desires us to live the lifestyle He designed for Humanity.

However, I found most discipleship materials are incomplete, inconsistent and not designed to take a new Christian by the hand and go on an intentional journey beginning with baby steps, along the way freeing them from past demonic baggage, dealing with ungodly behaviour that leads to maturity living a Christlike lifestyle, discovering how to evangelise their circle of influence and then discipling new believers in one complete package.

Harvest of Souls

In a vision and confirmed by many prophets, there is coming a harvest of souls like we have never seen before.
To contain the coming harvest I saw the need for training materials that are biblically sound, simple to use, easy to understand, follow and can quickly take a person from a pagan background to a small group leaders discipling others in 12 months or less. In other words disciples becoming disciplers of others and fulfilling the Great Commission Jesus called us to do in Matthew 28:16-20.

New Christian Training Centres

I wanted to have materials that would make it easy for anyone to create a new Christian Training Centre at any global location and in time frames that suits the user and new Christians.

It had to be Bible based, embracing the Bible in all its fullness and not perverted by church or denominational doctrines.

Birth of a new Christian Discipleship curriculum

In 2001, I partnered with a very gifted theologian, Ps. David W Searle and we began writing what we have called ©Growing Deep and Strong, a 19 or 37 weeks Discipleship Curriculum.

Over a seven year period we collectively spent over 35,000 hours developing the Discipleship Curriculum.
We trialled it with multiple groups to make sure that you could simply purchase the Discipleship Curriculum and successfully implement it by following our simple and easy to follow instructions.

© Growing Deep and Strong

We called it © Growing Deep and Strong and it is an intentional Christian discipleship and small group leadership program to help you quickly transform the life of a new Christian.

we designed it to empower ordinary Christians who have a desire to teach new believers on how to live a transformed life according to God’s word.

Free Gift

Go and check it out! We are offering you the 120-page Coach’s manual, “Discipling Others.” for free. This comprehensive coach’s manual shows you how to transform the lives of new believers into radical followers of Jesus Christ —- download your free copy now, click here.