It has never been easier or cheaper to create a New Christian Training Centre anywhere in the world.

The © Growing Deep and Strong 19 or 37 weeks new Christian Discipleship and Leadership curriculums are the centre piece of our New Christian Training Centre program and have been designed to empower almost anyone with leadership or management skills the ability to teach others on how to live a transformed life according to God’s Word.

Each face to face teaching module is based on one hour time frames, so you can be teaching new Christians in the workplace at lunch time, or in McDonald’s, Starbucks, your home, Skype, Zoom or any other convenient location.

It’s biblically sound and easy to teach.

We have spent thousands and thousands of hours developing the © Growing Deep and Strong Discipleship Course Structure and trialled it with multiple groups to make sure that almost anyone could follow our simple, easy to follow instructions in the coach’s manuals and begin to teach and disciple others.

Create your own New Christian Training Centre

You can now start your own New Christian Training Centre discipling new Christians with our inexpensive and easy to use, new Christian Discipleship and Small Group Leadership programs.